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Step 3

Step 3 consists of 12 primary lessons + 5 smaller lessons covering the following topics. 

  Topics Sentences
 1 Existence 76
 2 Study - Learn 70
 3 Questions 84
 4 Early, Late, On, Off 100
 5a Modifiers 1 102
  Adjectives.....words 110
 5b Modifiers 2 94
  Adverbs 1.....words54
  Adverbs 2.....sentences 58
  Adverbs 3.....phrases 53
 6 Clean, Dirty, Eat, Sleep 102
 7 Temperatures & Weather 119
 8 Fix It 152
  Tools 70
 9 Shopping 163
 10 Directions 151
 11 Telephone 98
 12 Prepositions - Time 130

Step 3 is about communicating in sentences. The lessons start out relatively simple but get progressively more difficult.

The Existence program is about the Japanese verbs of Existence, desu, imasu, arimasu, to be, to exist, to have, and formal/informal speech, etc. 

Select Options, Kanji on Top to view the Japanese characters and romaji on top and the English choices on the bottom.

All programs in Step 3 come with both Japanese & English voice recordings.

The Study - Learn program is about, studying, learning, talking, reading, writing, listening, etc. Study - Learn together with Existence and Common Expressions 1 (Step 1),  form a basic foundation for learning to speak Japanese.

If you click on A. the Syntax Button, you wil see B. the Syntax Window. Syntax buttons and windows can be found on most of the programs in Step 3.

The Questions program is about how to ask Questions.

The Early, Late, On, Off program is about arriving & departing early and late, meeting start and end times, being busy, introductions, appointments, lights, windows, and doors, etc

Most programs in Step 3 also have Words and Phrases sub-programs.

The Modifiers 1 program is about i adjectives, na adjectives, irregular adjectives, linking adjectives, adverbs, koto, and more.

The Modifiers 2 program is about colors and kore - sore, koko - soko and more.

The Clean, Dirty, Eat, Sleep program is where you will learn about topics such as clean and dirty dishes / pots and pans, eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up, and more.

In the Temperatures & Weather program, you will learn about weather and temperatures being hot, warm, cool, cold, and freezing, climates, planets, tides, and more.  

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