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Step 3 continued

The Fix It program is about how to explain to somebody that you are having problems, and how to get the problems fixed.

To see the Tools program, click in the Fix It Words & Phrases button. 

The Shopping program has to do with shopping, getting ready, exchanging money, the dressing room, departments, discounts, warrantees, returning items, and more.

The Directions program is about directions, when looking for something around the house or when out in a taxi, and more.

The Telephone program is about things that you might hear or say on the telephone.

Half way through each lesson and at the end of each lesson are Sub-Tests covering approximately 50% of the sentences in each lesson.  The Test Button on the bottom of the selections window covers all of the sentences in each lesson.

The last lesson, Prepositions - Time is about words such as, to, by, for, and so on. Prepositions - Time is the final and hardest chapter in Step 3.

As Iconkana continues to grow, please come back and watch for updates and additions.

Thank You!