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Step 1


Step 1 is about common expressions and nouns. Most of the content in Step 1 is vocabulary, single word programs. The topics are as follows.

 Title Terms
 1 Common Expressions 1 72
 2 Common Expressions 2 62
 3 Katakana 370      370
 4 Body   78
 5 Health   92
 6 Family      68
 7Home  92
 8 Time A    105
 9 Time B    132
 10 Counters 280


Common Expressions 1 is about things that people all over the world talk about when they first meet, yes, no, please, thank you, good morning, good afternoon, etc. Common Expressions 1 is also about things that people talk about when they are beginning to meet each other, what is your name, where do you live, how old are you, when is your birthday, what do you do, do you have any hobbies, etc.


Common Expressions 2 is more about common expressions that you hear Japanese say, a few, a little bit, a lot, pretty soon, sometimes, cheers, likewise, of course, that’s neat, welcome, etc. etc. etc.


Katakana 370 is designed to help people with Katakana. Although hiragana and katakana are taught in the beginning of the program, hiragana is much more widely used. Because hiragana is more prevalent, many people have a problem learning katakana. That’s why Katakana 370 was developed. Katakana 370 is an Exercise program with 370 words all in katakana to help Japanese learners gain confidence in katakana very quickly.

Select Options, Katakana on Top to view the Japanese characters and romaji on top and the English choices on the bottom.

The Body program is about parts of the body, clothing items and senses, etc.

The Health program is about injuries, treatments, treatment centers, providers, ailments, conditions, symptoms, etc.

The Family program is about family members, husband, wife, kids, grand parents, in-laws, etc.

The Home Program is about things that you find around the home, address, mail box, front yard, porch, first floor, stairs, living room, bedroom, air conditioner, heater, telephone, sink, washing machine, etc. etc. etc.

The Time A program is about one of the Japanese counting systems, how to count days of the month, week days, large numbers, etc.

The Time B program is about various time topics such as, hours, minutes, seconds, A.M. P.M., today, tonight, this week, this month, next year, next spring, last night, last winter, every, before and after, once per, only on, all week long, etc.

The Counters program is about many of the Japanese ways of counting things. Every language has ways of counting things. In English there are miles per hour, cups of coffee, dozens of donuts, pieces of cake, teaspoons, tablespoons, gallons of gasoline, glasses of milk, bottles of beer, etc. etc. etc.

Note: All programs in Step 1 except, Katakana 370, have learn and review, test and review, and both English and Japanese voices.  

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