Why use IconKana to learn Japanese?

IconKana was built after taking a few Japanese classes in college. The college classes were great, the books were great, and the teachers were great but there were a number of problems encountered with the classes, books, and teachers.
#1. The books covered a lot of material, so much material that the teachers needed to cover a lot just to finish the lessons. 
#2. The students all made flash-cards to study the material, not just me but all of the students in the class and, all of the students in all of the classes. This became very cumbersome, making flash cards, flipping through flash cards, storing the flash cards, managing the flash cards in index card boxes, and then manually sorting the flash cards to get to the ones that you need to study. And, all of the students had to do this for each and every lesson. This was one problem. What a waste of time!
But the teacher can't make flash cards for everybody and the authors and publishers must think of cost effectiveness and so they can not make flash cards for everybody. And so it is left to the students to make and manage their own flash-cards because a language like Japanese from a book is just about impossible.
#3. In class, the teachers would go through the material from the books, in class. But... if a student did not remember how to pronounce the words, characters, or sentences, then they are often forced to refer back to the book and hopefully they would get it. But because there is so much material to cover, often students just fall behind. This often leads to major headaches.

1. Very low cost and No subscription fees. (Right now it's free)
2. Many language-learning books/computer programs expect you finish Step 1 before you are allowed to move to Step 2, etc. etc. etc. 
        With IconKana, you can start anywhere at any time. There is no set order to learning the Japanese language.
3. Many computer programs teach 50 different languages. IconKana specializes in Japanese and English only.
4. When taking Japanese classes, everybody must make flash cards. With IconKana, automated flash cards are already made.
            In addition to flash cards, all lessons include automated multiple-choice tests that keep score and provide feedback.
5.     Many books/computer programs do not teach Kanji. With IconKana, Kanji, as well as Hiragana, Katakana, and Romaji are all included.
6.     Many books teach Japanese this way. (Continued.....)